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Employment Lawyers:

Our employment lawyers help clients in workplace disputes and we practice in the following types of employment law throughout the Chicago, Naperville, Aurora, Joliet, Oak Brook areas:

Feel free to call our employment law firm to see if we can assist you.  Examples of employment law matters our labor lawyers handle include:

Non-Compete/Non-Solicitation Disputes:  Our employment attorneys defended a former employee of a fortune 100 financial company who was sued after he and several people he supervised went to work for a competitor in Naperville, Illinois and allegedly violated an employment contract.   The federal lawsuit alleged that our client had stolen trade secrets by taking electronic files, breached his fiduciary duty by soliciting other employees to leave, and violated a non-soliciation contract.  Our employment lawyers helped achieved a favorable resolution for our client within 8 months of when the employment lawsuit was filed in Chicago, Illinois.

Our employment law firm, represented the founder and former officer of a company who was sued for misappropriating trade secrets, violating an agreement to not compete (non-compete agreement)after a buy-out, and allegedly utilizing confidential information.   The company sought a preliminary injunction and damages.  A trial was heard before American Arbitration Association in Chicago and our client prevailed.

On behalf of employers, our employment lawyers have enforced non-compete agreements.  To view an article that our employment law firm co-authored on Illinois non-compete agreements, click here.  To view an article that one of our Naperville non-compete attorneys co-authored regarding Illinois physician employment non-complete agreements, click here.

We regularly are consulted by employees and employers to navigate rights and obligations surrounding non-compete contracts.

Wage Disputes/Class Actions:   Our employment attorneys defended a hotel against lawsuit that alleged violations of wage and hour laws, including the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, defamation, and discrimination. The court denied class certification and dismissed all claims brought by two of the class representatives for discovery sanctions. Thereafter, the remaining class representatives agreed to dismiss their claims without being paid any money.(Judge Grady, Northern District of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois)

Employment Contract Disputes:   Our Chicago-area employment lawyers defended a former employee of an Illinois based bank who was sued after it was alleged that he was a loan officer who violated his employment contract and misappropriated bank assets and committed violations of the Illinois Trade Secrets Act. All claims against our client were voluntarily dismissed.  (Cook County, Illinois)

Minority Shareholder Rights:  Our employment law firm represented a minority shareholder being squeezed-out of a Lombard, Illinois based professional firm and asserted claims for breach of fiduciary duty resulting in a successful settlement.

Discrimination Disputes:   On behalf of two employees, in federal court in Chicago, our employment law firm helped obtain nearly $400,000 in judgments (through offers of judgment) in an employment discrimination case brought on behalf of an employee who was allegedly fired on the basis of a disability and on behalf of a human resources employee who allegedly opposed the termination. We asserted that the defendant had improperly failed to preserve evidence and we were successful in having the court agree to issue an adverse inference jury instruction for use at trial, the ruling of which is available here. Click here for ruling. (Northern District of Illinois, 2013, Judge Gottschall)

Our employment lawyers successfully defended a sexual harassment lawsuit filed in Chicago brought by an employee against restaurant chain who alleged that a manager had committed sexual harassment and battery against her.

Misclassification Claims:   Our employment law firm represented employees in a collective action brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  The lawsuit alleged that a group of managers at a nationwide retailer had been misclassified as “exempt” under the FLSA and were not paid for overtime compensation.   The case settled in 2013.  (Chicago, Illinois)

National Labor Relations Board:    One of our employment attorneys defended an employer in a complaint filed by National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).   The NLRB alleged that our Wheaton, Illinois based client had retaliated against an employee for engaging in protected and concerted activities.   At trial, the administrative law judge recommended a finding in favor of our client on each and every claim.

Retaliation Claims:  Successfully represented employer in claim alleging that employee had been retaliated against for making OSHA complaint. Represented an enginner who made a complaint with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) about retaliation for filing a complaint about safety violations; confidential settlement reached during NRC investigation and after filing whistleblower claim.

Administrative Hearings:   Our employment attorneys have represented clients in proceedings brought by the Illinois Department of Labor, the United States Department of Labor, the National Labor Relations Board, and other agencies.

Non-Compete Disputes:   Our employment attorneys represents employees and employers in disputes over non-compete agreements.

Medical/Dental Practice Disputes:   Our employment lawyers defended a dental practice against claims by a doctor who sued for breach of contract and fraud arising out of work for a Naperville dental practice.   (DuPage County, Illinois)    We have also been engaged in several matters involving employment disputes in the medical field, including relating to non-compete disputes.

Sexual Harassment:    Our employment lawyers represented a highly compensated professional in a medical practice who alleged sexual harassment and retaliation arising out of a relationship with one of the owners of the business.    Resulted in outstanding settlement for client prior to filing an employment lawsuit.

Sexual Harassment: Our employment lawyers defended a university professor against allegations of harassment and sex discrimination by his former students. The plaintiffs alleged that the professor violated Title IX, committed assault and battery, and inflicted negligent and intentional emotional distress upon them based upon conduct that occurred while they were students at a private university. Within less than 1 year of the lawsuit being filed, we convinced the plaintiffs to voluntarily dismiss their claims against our client–with prejudice (i.e., they cannot file another case on the same claims against our client) — and without being paid any money whatsoever. (Chicago, Illinois)

Our Naperville, Illinois employment attorneys represents clients throughout Illinois and we are available to practice in DuPage County, Cook County, Kane County, Kendall County, Will County, Bolingbrook, Schaumburg, Downers Grove, Aurora, Oak Brook, Naperville, Joliet, Plainfield, Wheaton, Downers Grove, Chicago, Elgin, and others.