My company approached David after a very long legal fight with a problem “partner” that just would not pay. The situation seemed hopeless and we were weighing the option of just taking the loss. After the first discussion with David the whole mood surrounding the case changed; David was able to understand the full dynamics of the very long history of our problem and formulated a multipronged strategy that overwhelmed our “partner”. David was playing chess, while everyone else was playing checkers – in retrospect, they never stood a chance. I appreciated his response time, his follow up and his ability to create force multipliers against our opponent – if it sounds like I’m talking about war – I am. That is what this is, and to me, David is a master. If you find yourself having to go up against The Fish Law Firm – think twice about it and save yourself the time, money, and frustration. Needless to say, in the future if I even have a remote hint of a legal problem, I am taking it directly to David.

Travis–StayTop Systems, Inc.

For the better part of three years, I was embroiled in a very stressful business situation that was draining me of energy and happiness on a daily basis.  Despite the fact that the rest of my family, business, and personal life were all going well, this business dispute was controlling my every thought for a long time.  When a third party was introduced into the mix, I was overwhelmed and felt hopeless.

 Fortunately, I was introduced to David Fish and told that he was a kind, honest man, excellent attorney, and someone who would fight for my best interests while keeping me insulated from the day to day stress associated with my complex situation.  Wow!  My friend was correct, and David exceeded ALL of my expectations.

 What had been an awful situation became manageable with David’s help almost overnight.  He provided me with an extra layer of “insulation” from the demands of a difficult and contentious business relationship, while also helping me to settle an unfortunate lawsuit that was a byproduct of the initial business dispute.  What had seemed like an absolutely hopeless situation became a compartmentalized process handled almost exclusively by Mr. Fish.

 When he realized the toll that this process was having on me from day to day, David recommended that he simply give me weekly updates so that my quality of life wouldn’t suffer so much.  This allowed me to function effectively with my other businesses, family, and personal life.  He helped me to be patient and focused, and he kept me from becoming consumed by the process.

 After helping me to negotiate and ultimately sell the disputed business for a very good price, he offered great advice and guidance in settling the other situation in a manner that was fair to both parties.  Within months, David Fish gave me my life back, and for that I am eternally grateful.

In addition to his exceptional abilities in the legal field, he truly is one of the nicest people I know.  He pays attention to the details, takes all of your concerns to heart, spends time considering your situation even when he’s not “on the clock”, aggressively represents your best interests, is very accessible, and he charges a fair hourly rate.

 I’ve worked with a lot of attorneys over the years, but I’ve never worked with anyone as competent, honest, and hard-working as David Fish.  Although I hope to avoid future litigation, if I EVER needed a great business attorney again, David Fish would be my first choice.  I can’t possibly recommend him highly enough to anyone who needs help.


Dr. James Arnold

“David is a talented litigator and is a pleasure to work with.”

Bill Christou, Senior Corporate Counsel, Ace Hardware Corporation, Oak Brook, Illinois

“For the record, The Fish law Firm definitely stands out with us with the right combination of quality and value.”

Paul Gallagher, Senior Corporate Counsel, Avis Budget Group, New Jersey

“David is a smart and knows the ins and outs of the courtroom. He tells it like it is and this allows you to prepare accordingly. We were very happy with working with a professional and a person who cared. Let’s not forget he won the case. “

Rob Rosen, President, Plastimach Corp, New York,New York

“Mr. Fish is a man who has been committed to my legal well being in both my business& person life. He is always willing to go that extra mile to assure that everything gets done and is done in a timely manner. Dave Fish has done an exception job dealing with all of my legal issues, which we all know, when we’re talking legal, nothing is as simple as it seems.”

Ralph Jollette, Founder of national franchisor in hospitality industry.

“David is not your typical attorney. When I chose him to represent me it was from the recommendation of another well-known attorney that I highly respected. Not only did I get the recommendation from him, but also from my accountant and several other professional people in the community that seemed to all have the same opinion of him. I was sold. I was a bit weary at first as I am a woman and my company supports, uplifts and teaches other women. Would he understand? My adversary in this case was a powerful businessman. I was very distrustful at this point of men in general. But I went forward after meeting him and seeing his warmth. I was also so grateful to find out that he is a family man and a man of great faith.

David is as aggressive as they come. He will fight till the end for the client he believes in and he surely did this for me and my company. He is a man of integrity and never asked me to go beyond what I thought was the honest and right thing to do. Even when I fought his advice, he patiently waited for me to understand his thinking. He is extremely intelligent, experienced and competent.

David is also very compassionate. In my case, I was going through a divorce at the time of my business lawsuit and he shielded me from negativity that didn’t concern me. He checked in on me regularly just to see how my kids and I were doing and offered a listening ear when necessary.

He worked with me in every way from my ignorance of the legal system, to his willingness to work with me to make the cost of litigation more manageable. In the process of my legal battle, he was my advocate, my advisor, and eventually I can also say he became my good friend.

I must also say something about his wonderful Paralegal, Cathy, who was always available and if I needed to talk to David she would chase him down no matter where he was. She was also wonderfully kind and concerned, and although I know David has many clients, the two of them made me feel like I was the only one. This was even more apparent as we walked into the court and he was respectfully and gratefully acknowledged by other clients of his.

In court, during our trial, he was incredibly well prepared and professional. He remembered every detail I ever shared with him and re-iterated it to the judge without reminder. He commanded the courtroom with confidence and ease. I could see that his reputation preceded him as he commanded respect in that room without having to do a thing. He put me at ease as this was my first legal situation and was a phenomenally calming influence during the whole process.

Needless to say, the case turned out extremely well for me, and I am so very grateful to have had him as my counsel.”

Kristin French-Hubbard Tease Dance and Fitness, Naperville, IL

“I always give [David Fish] high marks for attention to detail and how he has become part of the ‘team’. Over the years David has learned a lot about our business and now getting his recommendations on legal issues is always appreciated.”

Michael Martorano, President, Consumer Benefit Services, Inc.

“I was faced with a difficult situation where a business partner was not making payments on an agreed upon contract. Mr. Fish handled the situation with tact and the utmost professionalism. The result was the removal of the partner in under 6 months. Mr. Fish was very affective at resolving this matter in a timely fashion, his fees were reasonable and he treated me like a large client even though my case was probably small in comparison to others he was working on. I highly recommend The Fish Law Firm for results and more importantly Mr. Fish treats his clients like family”

Greg Doyle-President, DV Adevtures LLC

“After four frustrating years of trying to settle my father’s estate with my siblings I desperately needed a lawyer familiar with family disputes and inheritance. To make matters worse I lived in Denver but needed a lawyer in Chicago since that is where my father and siblings live. I found David through a Google search and emailed him basic information about my case. David called me the next day. I filled in some additional details fearing he would not take on the case because my siblings were being very difficult. My siblings had control of my fathers estate including his financial assets and possession of the real estate for over 10 years and we would be suing my sister, herself a lawyer. Fortunately David agree to represent my brother and I against my other siblings for our rightful share. Through the entire ordeal David’s understanding and application of the law was impeccable. Within a year David’s professionalism guided us to a settlement agreement that seemed unattainable in the preceding four years. My only regret is that I waited four years to find David.”

Ed and Wayne, 2011

“David worked hard on a tough case that I had involving a personal and real-estate relationship. From the moment I hired David, I was confident that I had the right attorney. David won immediate relief for me on several issues, and we ultimately settled the matter with a very reasonable settlement that even had the other party responsible for paying my legal fees. David was always available to me, as if I was the only case he was handling. He helped me understand all of my options, and always gave me the final say. David is honest and has a lot of integrity. I recommend him to anyone who needs a good lawyer.”

Glenn Richards

“David handles [legal work] proactively and efficiently. He suggests solutions and tries to minimize our expenses while still obtaining a satisfactory outcome for the bank.”

Lou Petritz, Senior Vice President, American Chartered Bank

“I offer my highest recommendation for David Fish. David handled litigation for my company and we won because he took the time to understand and learn our business. David also demonstrated timeless energy and a keen sense for making the right issues prevail.”

Kyle Behringer, President, Surface Shields, Inc.

“I would like to thank you for allowing my life to go back to normal once again. Several hundred emails and phone calls later; I am very grateful for all of your efforts! You are a fabulous person and one hell of an attorney!”

Richard Michael

“David is a first rate attorney with a reputation in the community for his thorough preparation and agressive pursuit of his client’s interests. I have referred several clients to David and I have never been disappointed.”

Michael Calabrese, Attorney

“Attorney David Fish was a complete life saver. Never being a party to a lawsuit I had no clue what to expect. David’s extensive knowledge of the law and his execution was flawless. I would recommend David to everyone. “

Michael Z.

“I hired David to represent me for a legal matter in 2010. He handled the matter quickly, efficiently and helped me receive a very favorable outcome. I would recommend David without reservation to anyone in need of legal services. Thank you again David for yours and your team’s help.”

Ted K.

“The most important element in dealing with someone in a professional relationship is trust. From the first time we spoke with The Fish Law Firm PC we knew that we were in great hands. It was a reassuring feeling at every interaction to know that we had someone who was committed to our best interests. The Fish Law Firm PC debunks any stereotype or bad lawyer joke that is out there. We were extremely satisfied with the outcome that The Fish Law Firm PC fought for and cannot recommend their services highly enough. “

Jeff and Tiffany Groenenboom Owners, Studio Luxe Hair Salon

“We hired David remotely, having never met in person. He was recommended to us, because we needed a lawyer in Illinois. He dealt with a nuisance lawsuit with ease and speed. I highly recommend him.”

Darrin Bodner, Former Chief Operating Officer of well known not for profit company