$2.75 Million DuPage County Jury Trial Win To Stand

December 16, 2019: Earlier this year, a DuPage County, Illinois jury returned a verdict in our client’s favor in a breach of contract claim that also sought to pierce the corporate veil under an alter ego theory. The plaintiff requested approximately $2.75 million in damages. Our client, an Indiana-based healthcare company and its alleged alter ego, stuck to their guns before a 14 person jury (12 jurors plus 2 alternates).  After a week of testimony, the jury found in our client’s favor.  After losing at trial, our opponent filed a post-trial motion that, among other things, sought to challenge the DuPage County, Illinois jury’s verdict as to certain issues. On December 16, 2019 the presiding judge denied the post-trial motion while allowing the plaintiff leave to amend its complaint.

This case is a testament to the fact that the jury system works well.