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Pro Bono Victory–Client On Public Aid Allowed To Keep Children


As part of our pro bono partnership with Prairie State Legal Services, our lawyers volunteer to help low-income and elderly clients who have questions about their employment rights.

We recently represented a single mother on public aid who was terminated from her job as a helper at a nursery school in Peoria, Illinois. When the school fired our client, it also kicked her beautiful kids out of its school. One of the benefits of her job was that her two small children could attend the nursery school at almost no cost. When she was fired, she found herself without a job. Worse yet, she could not afford childcare. Without childcare, she could not work and this meant she would fall even lower into poverty.

We took on her case for free. Within a few weeks, we were able to get her children re-enrolled back in the same nursery school where they could receive heavily subsidized tuition. We also were able to get her a confidential financial settlement.

We were grateful for this opportunity to help this awesome family.