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    "He listened to my concerns, brought up things I had not considered, & moved forward with a plan that I fully agreed with."
    Mr. Fish responded to my request for information immediately, and within a day had dealt with the issue to my complete satisfaction.
    - Robin C.
    "Kim was great to work with, she walked me through the events again, told me how to answer, and really put me at ease."
    Thank you, Kim and Workplace Law Partners!
    - Jaime K.
    "David’s focus was always on what was best for me, even when that decision meant less money for the firm."
    The level of expertise, professionalism, and personal concern displayed by David Fish and his team is truly inspirational.
    - Kurtis K.
    "Thanks to David the truth came out and this is what was so important to me—that the truth was given light and my name and reputation upheld."
    Thanks, David, for believing in me and for fighting for me and my family during a critical time when my former company was keeping me from providing for my family.
    - Jolinda G.
    "They had the knowledge, experience, and compassion to help us navigate those shark-infested waters."
    They were with us every step of the way and when it came to the trial, their preparation and execution were unbeatable.
    - Mary Ellen R.
    "Their focus was never financial. It was always in my best interest."
    She was always by my side when things would get complicated with my previous employer.
    - Eortiz U.
    "He fought and got better results than I could have ever expected."
    He answered so many questions and was patient, sympathetic, and helpful throughout the entire process.
    - Jay S.
    "David Fish and this law office are people with hearts, who fight for justice and what is right above all else."
    From the second I called this office and spoke with Sandy, I was treated with the utmost respect and dignity.
    - Danielle W.
    "David was knowledgeable, responsive and a great listener."
    I would highly recommend David as an attorney.
    - Sarah T.
    "Mr. Fish was very professional and informative, from the initial consultation and throughout the whole process after I retained him."
    His experience and knowledge in this field clearly stood out.
    - Lukasz G.
    "I chose Workplace Law Partners because of their exceptional professionalism, respectful, intelligent staff, and the amazing lawyer which handled my case, David Fish."
    From start to finish, nothing could have gone better with David fighting for me and winning my case which I initially thought would be a long, and stressful process.
    - David B.
    "If you need help and your place of employment refuses to, call Workplace Law Partners and ask for John Kunze."
    John worked and resolved my case so fast.
    - Chris J.
    "Kim handled my case quickly and got the best outcome for me."
    I was looking for a lawyer and was lucky enough to get in touch with Kim Hilton.
    - Katie A.
    "David Fish and his entire staff are amazing!"
    I feel blessed to have come across his firm and have them represent me.
    - Kayla B.
    "They were professional, easy to connect with, timely, and fastidious in every way."
    My experience with the Workplace Law Partners was exceptional.
    - Jake D.
    "David is the most wonderful person you will work with, and as an attorney, he’s downright phenomenal."
    Thank you David for turning a bad situation into a great experience.
    - Zara A.
    "This was my first time in this situation and David was nothing less than exceptional."
    Truly amazing service.
    - Jerome K.
    "I can't thank and recommend Thalia enough for her professionalism, support, and encouragement."
    I was so incredibly thankful to be able to work with Thalia at Workplace Law Partners.
    - Rosemary B.
    "David Fish and Kim Hilton both go way beyond their job duties to help their clients achieve what they deserve in their settlement."
    Workplace Law Partners is extremely professional and the team does an amazing job.
    - Zoey A.
    "I couldn't be happier with David and his legal team."
    Between phone calls and email, David made the whole process simple and easy.
    - William C.
    "It was a true pleasure speaking with Sandy from your law firm."
    I also want to thank the firm for such a quick response in contacting me.
    - Wanda K.
    "I interviewed several lawyers and Kim Hilton was the most professional and honest I ran across."
    She is extremely personable and down to earth at the same time she can stand toe to toe with corporate lawyers.
    - T H.
    "David went out of his way to help me recover what was rightfully due to me from my prior employer!"
    Communications from his office on what was going to happen were excellent!
    - Priscilla R.
    "I consider David a trusted friend."
    David Fish was there for me at a very difficult time in my life.
    - Mary Anne B.
    "From the first time we spoke with Workplace Law Partners we knew that we were in great hands."
    We were extremely satisfied with the outcome that Workplace Law Partners fought for and cannot recommend their services highly enough.
    - Jeff G.
    "You are a fabulous person and one hell of an attorney!"
    I would like to thank you for allowing my life to go back to normal once again.
    - Richard M.
    "David also demonstrated timeless energy and a keen sense for making the right issues prevail."
    David handled litigation for my company and we won because he took the time to understand and learn our business.
    - Kyle B.
    "I highly recommend David Fish and Workplace Law Partners!"
    Additionally, his excellent communication skills, understanding and empathy for my situation, and professionalism made me feel confident in his abilities to get the outcome I desired.
    - Brooke S.
    "David Fish gave me my life back, and for that I am eternally grateful."

    He pays attention to the details, takes all of your concerns to heart, spends time considering your situation even when he’s not “on the clock”, aggressively represents your best interests, is very accessible, and he charges a fair hou

    - Dr. James A.
    "I want to thank David Fish for his amazing work!"
    It was a stressful process and I’m so thankful for him!
    - Deanna R.
    "Mr. Fish handled the situation with tact and the utmost professionalism."
    Mr. Fish was very effective at resolving this matter in a timely fashion, his fees were reasonable and he treated me like a large client even though my case was probably small in comparison to others he was working on.
    - Greg D.
    "David got the case settled quickly and efficiently."
    David walked me through every part of the case and made sure I knew everything that was going on.
    - John H.
    "David Fish took the time to explain in detail his legal recommendations for improvement to ensure our documents were sound, fair, and straightforward with our employees."
    We have called his office since our first project and again we are very impressed with his knowledge, expertise, and ability to answer our questions quickly.
    - Ken F.
    "In the process of my legal battle, he was my advocate, my advisor, and eventually I can also say he became my good friend."
    He put me at ease as this was my first legal situation and was a phenomenally calming influence during the whole process.
    - Kristin F.
    "David is a first-rate attorney with a reputation in the community for his thorough preparation and aggressive pursuit of his client’s interests."
    I have referred several clients to David and I have never been disappointed.
    - Michael C.
    "Attorney David Fish was a complete lifesaver."
    David’s extensive knowledge of the law and his execution was flawless.
    - Michael Z.
    "David is smart and knows the ins and outs of the courtroom."
    He tells it like it is and this allows you to prepare accordingly.
    - Rob Rosen
    "David was the epitome of professional, understanding, knowledgeable, supportive & guided me the entire way through this emotional process!"
    If you’re looking for the right representation look no further, David Fish & Workplace Law Partners is the place to use.
    - Shaun P.
    "I would recommend David without reservation to anyone in need of legal services."
    He handled the matter quickly, efficiently and helped me receive a very favorable outcome.
    - Ted K.
    "David was playing chess, while everyone else was playing checkers – in retrospect, they never stood a chance."
    After the first discussion with David, the whole mood surrounding the case changed; David was able to understand the full dynamics of the very long history of our problem and formulated a multipronged strategy that overwhelmed our “partner”
    - Travis
    "Estamos muy satisfechos"
    Estamos muy satisfechos con los resultados por los que Workplace Law Partners luchó y recomendamos encarecidamente sus servicios
    - Jeff G.
    "Me gustaría darles las gracias"

    Me gustaría darles las gracias por permitir que mi vida volviera a la normalidad de nuevo.

    - Richard M.
    "nada podría haber ido mejor"
    De principio a fin, nada podría haber ido mejor con David luchando por mí y ganando mi caso, lo que inicialmente pensé que sería un proceso largo y estresante.
    - David B.