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Shareholder, Corporate and Partnership Disputes

Shareholder, Corporate & Partnership Disputes Lawyers in Chicago

We Represent Business Owners in Corporate Disputes Throughout Chicago

We regularly represent business owners in corporate disputes with their partners and other owners. Shareholders of corporations, members of LLCs, and owners of partnerships regularly have disagreements. Like some marriages, sometimes business partnerships fail. We help resolve these disputes when we can and, when we cannot, we regularly litigate business disputes in court.

Owners of a closely held company often have a fiduciary relationship, particularly when they are an officer employee. Unlike a regular employee, fiduciary employees are held to a much higher standard.

Partners often dispute how profits and losses are:

  • Shared
  • Accounted
  • Allocated
  • Distributed

Sometimes one partners will use company assets for personal use or divert company customers to a different company.

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We Handle Family-Run Business Disputes

Sometimes business disputes exist in a family-run-businesses.

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