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How Do I Find a Good Whistleblower Attorney

How Do I Find a Good Whistleblower Attorney?

There are many outstanding whistleblower lawyers. Look for one in your geographic area you trust. Some thoughts on picking the best whistleblowing attorney for your specific case:

  • Experience counts: Do not be afraid to ask them about other whistleblower, qui tam, or similar cases they have handled. Also, see how other clients have reviewed them—or even ask to talk to former clients as a reference if you want. Does the whistleblower lawyer have a good reputation?
  • Does the whistleblower lawyer have enough time? Make you are working with a firm that has the bandwidth to handle your case; ask how busy they are and whether they can devote sufficient time and resources to your case. Some larger firms may feel your case is not as important as one involving billions of dollars in damages. Some smaller firms may not have the resources to pursue your qui tam case. Ask how many other whistleblower cases they are handling.
  • Do you connect with them? Make sure you have a good connection with the lawyers handling your qui tam/whistleblower case. Do they seem to treat you as a “case” or a human? Are they empathetic to your needs—like the emotional trauma associated with being a whistleblower? You will spend a lot of time with your whistleblower attorney so make sure you like them!
  • Does the whistleblower lawyer take non-intervened cases? Ask whether they will remain open to pursuing the case if the government declines to intervene. As the government has limited resources, there is a good chance you will be left pursuing your case on your own. Will your law firm dump you at that point? While most firms will not commit to this upfront, ask how often the firm prosecutes non-intervened cases. Otherwise, you may be stuck looking for another law firm and your old one will have an attorney's lien against your case.
  • Location, location, location. Consider the whistleblower law firm’s location. If you have to jump on an airplane every time there is an important meeting, that is a negative. Furthermore, local whistleblower lawyers are more likely to know the local rules and customs of the local courthouse.

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