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Final Approval Granted in Chicago Overtime Lawuit


A federal magistrate judge in Chicago, Illinois granted final approval today in a $290,000 wage and overtime class action settlement with Metro Link IL, LLC relating to its employees who worked at its stores (selling the MetroPCS brand) in Illinois. We represented approximately 400 employees.  Class members need not do anything to received payment; checks will be mailed to them.  Congratulations to Overtime Attorney John Kunze for his excellent work for the Metro employees who we had the pleasure of representing.

The lawsuit alleged that the computations of overtime pay were incorrect for the workers.

Regular Rate: The first alleged violation involves the calculation of an employee’s regular rate of pay for overtime purposes. Plaintiff alleges Defendant did not properly calculate its employee’s overtime rate of pay because Defendant failed to capture various commissions when calculating employee’s regular rate of pay. This resulted in employees being paid an overtime rate that was too low and depriving them of earned wages.

Plaintiffs also alleged that the Defendant subtracted money from their employees’ paychecks. Plaintiff alleges that Defendant made unauthorized deductions from employee's pay for things such as register deficiencies and other penalties without signed written consent.

Lastly, Plaintiffs alleged that Defendant did not add time spent at mandatory meetings and time spent traveling to and from meetings and between stores. Plaintiff alleges that this time should have been tracked and employees should have been compensated for this time as time worked.

Copies of the following documents are available for review


Settlement Agreement

Final Approval Order