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Final Approval Granted in DTLR Chicago Overtime Class Action Lawsuit


Judge Kennelly of the US District Court in Chicago, Illinois granted final approval of our overtime class action lawsuit against DTLR–a national retail shoe store chain.

Class members will receive 100% of overtime owed before allowed expenses.   Furthermore, overtime class members will receive a proportionate share based on the number of pay periods they worked from the beginning of the statutory period until the end of the practice, approximately June of 2017. This amounts to approximately $40.00 per pay period worked.  Both the Regular Rate and Deduction Class Member awards were determined by using Defendants’ payroll records produced to Plaintiff’s counsel to determine overtime worked, uncaptured compensation, start and end dates, and how many pay periods were worked.

Given the COVID-19 Pandemic, and that there were no objections, Judge Kennelly approved the settlement without a final approval hearing. This led to an article in Law 360 about the approval process which is available here.  

Class members should anticipate receiving payment shortly.

Congratulations to Illinois overtime lawyer John Kunze for leading the way in this case.