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Employment Counseling and Employment Contracts


Employees and employers can benefit from both employment counseling and experienced contract review. Our lawyers help employees in the Chicago area negotiate contracts and benefits and counsel them when disputes arise. 

Handling Employment Disputes

When high-level employees have disputes with their organization, important issues arise. Executives must navigate the fiduciary duty they may owe to their employer while protecting their financial interests.

Engaging an employment lawyer early often helps to obtain a favorable result for both employers and employees. We can work behind the scenes to help navigate through difficult employment situations.

Executive and Professional Employment Contracts

In order to be competitive, hire the most advanced candidates, and retain their employees, businesses and organizations often enter into employment agreements. 

These agreements include, but are not limited to:

We advise seeking advice on the front end before signing a contract. Once an employee signs a contract, they lose negotiating leverage. For example, if you want a carve-out of a non-compete, asking for it after you sign is not likely to work!

It is important that executives seek outside counsel to review the terms of agreements they hope to enter into. Our firm can help draft and review such documents to protect our clients.

Reach Out to Fish Potter Bolaños, P.C. for Assistance

Strategizing and negotiating are key considerations in creating options for the terms of employment contracts Our Chicago-area attorneys work with professionals and executives to negotiate employment agreements, partnership agreements, consulting agreements, and other employment contracts.