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Metro Link Overtime Lawsuit



TO:      Persons who: (a) at any time since November 30, 2014 to the present have been employed by Metro Link IL, LLC, or an entity with common ownership,  (“Metro Link”) on an hourly basis, (b) earned commissions, and (c) worked in excess of 40 hours during an individual work week.

  1. What is this Notice about? This Notice is about a lawsuit that you may choose to join.  A Federal Court has authorized this Notice.  The lawsuit is about whether Metro Link properly compensated employees who worked overtime and earned commissions. Specifically, it is about whether Metro Link properly calculated overtime by not including commissions in determining the overtime rate of pay.  The Court has not decided the merits of the case.
  1. How do I get money from the lawsuit if there is a recovery? Fill out the form on the back of this page and send it to the lawyers representing Metro Link workers, Fish Potter Bolaños, P.C., P.C. who are located in Naperville, Illinois.  You can mail it to them in the postage paid envelope included here.  You can also scan or take a picture of the completed form and email it to: or fax it to: 630-778-0400.

If you join this lawsuit, you will be bound by its outcome. This means that if the employees win the lawsuit or obtain a settlement, you may receive a payment. If the employees lose the lawsuit or if there is no settlement, you will not receive any money.

If you choose to join the lawsuit, you must mail, email, or fax the Notice of Consent form by [insert 30 days from mailing], 2018.

  1. Can Metro Link retaliate against me for joining this lawsuit?

Federal law prohibits Metro Link from firing you or taking other adverse action against you in the event you choose to join the lawsuit.

  1. Who will be my lawyers if I join the lawsuit, and how will the lawyers be paid?

If you join the lawsuit, you will be represented by Fish Potter Bolaños, P.C., P.C. The decisions and agreements made and entered into by the representative Plaintiff will be binding on you if you join this lawsuit.  The lawyers representing the employees will only be paid if they win the lawsuit or obtain a settlement. If either happens, the lawyers may receive their fees and costs from Metro Link and/or may receive part of any money awarded by the Court or obtained through a settlement. If the employees lose the lawsuit, you will not have to pay your lawyers. You may also retain your own counsel and join this lawsuit with your own counsel.  If you chose to join the lawsuit, you may be required to answer questions about your employment as part of the case.

  1. How do I get more information about the lawsuit?

If you have questions about this Notice or the lawsuit, please call Fish Potter Bolaños, P.C. at (312) 818-2407. You can also review the pleadings from the lawsuit online at:

Luis De La Cruz


Metro Link IL, LLC



I was employed by Metro Link IL, LLC. By my signature below, I consent to join this lawsuit and I designate Luis De La Cruz and his attorneys as my agents to make decisions on my behalf about the lawsuit, including how to prosecute the lawsuit, settlement (if any), attorneys’ fees, (if any) and costs (if any), and all other decisions relating to this lawsuit. I agree to be bound by the outcome of this lawsuit, regardless of the outcome.

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Overtime Lawsuit Against Metro Link IL, LLC

c/o Fish Potter Bolaños, P.C., P.C.

200 E. 5th Ave., Suite 123

Naperville, IL 60563

Telephone: 630-355-7590

Fax: 630-778-0400

****Note: This Lower Portion Will Not Be Filed with the Court ****

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