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DuPage County Employment Lawyers


DuPage County, Illinois has always had a reputation as a conservative and Republican county. But, that is changing.  In our experience, the faces of DuPage County juries, lawyers, and elected officials is starting to change. This really started to change in 2008 when Obama won over 50% of the vote in DuPage County.

The reason that we have kept an eye on the local DuPage County juries is because:

  • We are one of the largest law firms located exclusively in DuPage County that devotes most of its practice to labor and employment law.
  • Our DuPage County labor and employment lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.
  • Our DuPage County employment attorneys regularly practice before the DuPage County courts.
  • Our lawyers regularly make presentations to the DuPage County Bar Association which is located in Wheaton, Illinois.
  • Our lawyers have collectively been practicing in DuPage County for decades.
  • We provide extensive community service in DuPage County.

One notable difference in DuPage County, at least in our opinion, is that the Second District Court of Appeals (located in Elgin, Kane County) which covers the DuPage County court system’s appeals is very conservative.   So, appeals are always interesting coming out of DuPage County.

Our DuPage County law firm has litigated many employment disputes before DuPage County judges. One unusual feature of DuPage County cases is that the Law Division hears class action cases; usually, these are heard in Chancery in other counties. Given the amount of businesses located in DuPage County, the courts routinely hear non-compete and restrictive covenant disputes.