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Fish Selected To Moderate Judges’ Panel Discussion on Navigating Civil Court Judicial Forum


Attorney Fish has been selected to moderate a panel of local judges on navigating civil court procedures. The expected judges and an outline of the educational seminar is described below:


Judge Bobbi Petrungaro                      

Judge Stephen Krentz                          

Judge John McAdams                         

Judge Kevin Busch                               

Judge Dinah Archambeault              

Judge Bradley Waller                          

Judge Divya Sarang                              

Morning Session

  1. Navigating the Local Civil Court Procedure: Concrete Rules and Unwritten Etiquette
  2. Initial Pleadings: Laying out the Legal and Factual Issues of the Case
  3. Answers to Common Questions Asked in Case Conferences
  4. Case Scheduling: Fast-Tracking Options and Handling Conflicts and Delays
  5. Summary Judgment Motions and Hearings
  6. Cooperation Between Counsel
  7. Judges’ View of Discovery
    1. Common Discovery Dispute Issues
    2. When You Should and Should Not Make Objections
    3. What is Appropriate for a Privilege Log
    4. When to Use a Motion to Compel
    5. How to Avoid Messing Up the Timing
    6. When are Sanctions a Possibility?
  8. Pre-Trial Briefs that Promote Settlement
  9. Unacceptable Pre-Trial Litigation Tactics

Afternoon Session

  1. Seeking the Judge’s Guidance Outside of Scheduled Conferences
    1. When is it Appropriate to Contact the Judge or the Clerk?
    2. What Questions are Acceptable?
    3. Is it Ok to Contact the Judge During a Deposition?
  2. Jury Selection and Juror Requests: What is Appropriate?
  3. Types of Evidence Judges Value Most/Least
  4. Witness Selection and Testimony: What Works and What’s a Waste of Time for Everyone
  5. Legal Ethics
    1. The Meaning of “Justice” and the Role of the Judges and Attorneys in Upholding it
    2. Candor Toward Tribunal
    3. The Duty of Zealous Representation in the Courtroom Setting
    4. How Judges and Lawyers can Work Together to Improve the Justice System
  6. Trial Presentation Do’s and Don’ts
  7. How to Confuse the Jury: Top Mistakes Judges Have Seen
  8. Effective Ways of Handling Facts in Controversy at Trial